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Solid Designs LLC. - Services Detail
Solid Modeling Design:

Many times a client will want to have their ideas made into a molded part only to discover that most mold shops need a solid model before they can begin their work. Let us provide that service for you. We can produce solid models using the SolidWorks modeling package and will provide completed documentation and all required files needed for mold completion.

Our fees are reasonable and we have a proven record for hitting deadlines. Our billing rate is per hour. We generally give a fixed bid, subject to any major design changes, before starting a project.

Our fees and terms can vary depending on the size of the project but we generally require a startup fee of one half of the total. When we have completed the initial model files we will review them with you and, if needed, make any adjustments to the files per your input. We will then submit the final drawings to you for approval and at that time collect the second half of the fee. After receiving the final payment we can, if you so desire, submit the required files to the vendor(s) of your choice.

We will provide you and any vendor that you chose with completed documentation and all required files to enable you and the vendor to complete the mold. Included in our bid are any adjustments that might be needed on the model and/or files to facilitate in the making of the mold.

On completion of the project we will provide to you a Paid billing invoice, drawing prints and the following applicable items:
  • A folder containing all “Native SolidWorks” Files (drawing and model)
  • Folders containing all vendor required “Molding, DXF, Stereolithography” Files (STP, DXF, STL... etc)
  • Folders containing all “Windows Viewable” Files (PDF-EDWG-AVI … etc)
  • Plus any additional files that are deemed necessary to complete and fully document the project.

As stated above; we will make any adjustments required by the vendor, of your choosing, to conform to their manufacturing processes. We are very familiar with most molding processes, so this should not involve much work and there will be no additional charge to you. We guarantee that you will have a “moldable” model when we are finished.

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