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Rapid Prototype Modeling:

SOLID DESIGNS LLC is pleased to announce a new service to new and existing customers. We have acquired a Rapid Prototype machine that enable us to produce low cost, quick turn around parts for review, evaluation, iteration and functional assembly and testing.


Fused Deposition Modeling (FDM) is a free-form fabrication technology.

Because it uses high strength ABS plastic, it is the favored technology for prototyping plastic parts requiring strength.


The FDM process works by extruding a thermoplastic material and depositing it layer-by-layer by fusing it to the layer beneath it, to form a 3D model. FDM prototyping and rapid manufacturing systems create accurate, functional prototypes using a variety of high-performance engineering materials like ABS.


With FDM equipment SOLID DESIGNS LLC builds parts using engineering thermoplastics which are ideal for the rapid production of prototypes, tooling and the direct (tool-less) manufacturing of production parts. Parts from these materials can be used for form, fit, function, feature detail and snap-fit applications. FDM material used is real production-grade ABS.


SOLID DESIGNS LLC provides precision rapid prototyping services that can help you make better products, lower your production costs, and get your products to market faster. Turn CAD files into 3D models, which allow your team to study and assemble the object, validate design, and receive client feedback before spending money on fabrication. Models are created using ABS (plastic).


SOLID DESIGNS LLC can review your design for strength and manufacturability and offer suggestions based on our experience.


Material choices include production-quality ABS in either White or Black


Please contact us for more information on this new service and Let Us Turn Your Ideas Into Reality.

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